This website is designed by young women and WEEO WISER workers for young women. For young women we have some information about violence in relationships, support available and what our program does. Also, for community workers and schools, they can access more information about our project, including evaluations and how to have WEEO WISER in your school.

So what is WEEO WISER???

WEEO WISER is a prevention program equipping young women with knowledge, skills and attitudes to reject violence, abusive relationships and to expect healthy, safe, equal relationships.

What's in this site?

peer educators

Well, if you're a young woman, some real information about relationships. What we call the good, the bad and the ugly. You can take quizzes to rethink about your relationship, find out what violence in relationships is and hear stories of other young women.

We also have links to other sites or numbers you can call if you need more information or support. The number one most important thing to remember is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There's information about WEEO WISER for schools and community workers, why talk to women only, evaluations of our project, briefing papers and information to have the WEEO WISER five session workshop at your school.

Read here our mention in Parliament, April 2008.

Due to an inability to secure funding the WEEO WISER project is unable to continue into 2010. We regret this deeply and hope in the near future funding will be offered to allow our project back into schools.

Thank you for all your support. Read here the Daily Telegraphs story.